Agriculture & Technology

Primarily focus about Tech-related news on Agricultural Sectors in Myanmar.


AZL Group is founded in Myanmar by experienced young start-up entrepreneurs and the group primarily focus about Tech-related News on Agricultural Sectors, Technical News, Economic News and International Affairs. The sole purpose of AZL Group is to serve our motherland country, Myanmar and its people.

According to the group structure, there are two more organizations working under AZL Group. The first one is IWNJ – International War News Journal and the second one is A&T – Agriculture & Technology. And we are launching more activities in coming years.

We mainly aim for the future of next generation by sharing our knowledge and technologies as we reached as far. We secondly aim for the future of our AZL Group to work together beneficially with International and National Agricultural Organizations in Myanmar.

To learn more about us, please send us your interested questions by filling in the Contact Form. Thank you very much and we hope to see you soon.